Sealed vs. Polished Concrete

Two different finishing options are available when installing concrete for your facility: sealed and polished. When deciding on which option is best for your concrete floor, knowing the differences between sealed and polished concrete will help create a better customized space that will fit within your budget. Sealed Concrete What Is Sealed Concrete? The easiest and most affordable option for a concrete finish is sealed concrete. Sealing concrete helps close any cracks and maintain a sturdy foundation for floors that may see some foot traffic throughout the day. While sealed concrete is certainly the least expensive option, it’s not as aesthetically pleasing and shiny as polished concrete. This downside is usually not a concern for places that aren’t focused on a visually appealing atmosphere with highly visible floors. How Is Sealed Concrete Installed? Installing sealed concrete requires pouring, drying, and sealing the concrete with a thin layer of acrylic in…